Cory Lidle Baseball & Foundation Tournament Rules:



 1. Roster: No limit on size. No player is allowed to play on more than one team.  If a team is caught with an ineligible player, the game

 will be completed but will result in an automatic loss. There will be no exception to this rule. Final decision will be made by the tournament director.


 2. Protest: Not allowed. Umpire’s decision is final.

 3. Pool Play Time Limit Will be posted in tournament description. This is needed to keep game schedules on time at all fields. Games at other fields may        have a no new inning rule with minor differences - HOST FIELD RULES

     Championship Games: Time limit not in effect.


 4. Game clock starts at the end of the home plate meeting.


 5. Home Team: Determined by coin flip for all pool play games. #1 seed has choice of home or visitor in championship game.


 6. Player Minimum: A team must start and finish with a minimum of 8 players or they forfeit game.  If team has 8 players, there will be an out recorded  every time that spot comes up in the lineup. If batting the entire lineup and an injury or ejection occurs, an out will NOT be recorded

 in the open spot.


 7. Run (Mercy) Rule: 12 runs after 3 inn

                                    10 runs after 4 inn

                                     8  runs after 5 inn



 8. Pitching Rules (Innings per Tournament): No limit on the number of appearances or innings pitched. We urge teams to be considerate of their players  and their safety. Eight warm-ups to start, five thereafter.


 10. Pre Game Warm-Ups: All teams are encouraged to warm-up before game time. No pre-game infield.


 11 BAT RULES: The following bats are allowed and must have a stamp unless wood.   USSSA, USA, Wood



 12. Adverse Weather: The Cory Lidle Tournament could be played in adverse weather conditions. The format may be changed and may include

 lesser time limits or fewer innings to complete games or the tournament. Coaches and players accept these conditions when entering the

 tournament. 1 game constitutes the tournament obligation if weathered out.


 13. Decisions: Tournament Director shall have final decision on all tournament questions.

 14. Tie-Breaker System: Used only in championship games. If the game is tied going into the 9th inn, the "California tie breaker" rule will go into effect.  Each team puts the batter who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half of the inning on second base and plays out a full inning. This happens until  the tie is broken and the game is complete. Pool play games can end in a tie.


 15. No Show: Teams that no-show will forfeit their entry fee.


 16. Lineups: All age groups can have an EH (Extra Hitter) if they choose to bat 10.

 Both a DH and EH may be used at the same time.

 All ages may choose to bat their entire lineup and have free substitution.



 17. Courtesy Runners: A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time and must be used for catcher with 2 outs. The courtesy  runner must be the last batted out.



18. Visits to the mound: Each team is allowed 1 trip per inning, per pitcher. On the second trip of a inning, the pitcher must be removed. If pitcher is being  checked for possible injury a trip is not charged. 


 19. Pool Play seeding or Tie Breaker: Tie breakers to determine pool winners are:

 1. Head to head if applicable.

 2. Least runs allowed.

 3. Run differential.

 4. Total runs.

 5. The last tie breaker is a coin toss.


 20. Slide Rule: Any runner is out when the runner does not slide legally or attempt to avoid a fielder who has possession of the ball and waiting to make  a tag or is in the process of fielding the ball. The ball is dead and NO runners shall advance. If the runner’s slide or collision is flagrant, the runner shall  be ejected from the game.


 21. Baseballs: Each Team needs to provide 2 baseballs per game.


 22. Gate Fee: Coaches, let Parents know that  a gate fee is charged. Fee goes to field maintenance and help keep our field beautiful for all of our kids.