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Welcome to the 12th Annual Cory Lidle

 Thanksgiving Classic Baseball Tournament

November: 18th - 19th HS & JV Division

                    24th - 26th Travel Division

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If you have never registered in our system or played in our tournament, please follow these instructions. After you complete your account setup, you will be ready to register your team. On the same page, click the red button that says Register a team. Once this process is completed, you will receive an email stating that your registration is pending. Soon after, you will receive one last email indicating  your team has been processed and approved. At this point your team will appear on our website under the TEAMS page located in the TOURNAMENT tab dropdown. Start this two step process by clicking the button below.

The Cory Lidle Thanksgiving Baseball Tournament is a charity event. All proceeds go back to the division winners in the form of prizes or berths. Any remaining income goes to the Cory Lidle Foundation and local youth charities including Make-A-Wish Foundation, City of Hope and local little league low income player support, etc.

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